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3,000+ copies sold, 24k downloads.
Remained in the top 100 under Fantasy for a month on Amazon, and reached top 25 for a few days.


Two orphans cried out, and the world trembled.

In the Northern Kingdoms, the chemical Fye can be found in the very air the citizens breathe. Those born with the ability to utilize this potent power dominated the world, and founded an Empire that weathered more than fifty generations of turmoil.

Vince, a Wolf gang scout, had no lofty dreams, no ambition save for passing his 10th birthday with food on the table. Unfortunately, for the Lowborn, even such simple goals come at a price. When pushed past their breaking point, those forgotten by society would teach this world a lesson: There is no force more dangerous, than someone with nothing to lose.

It's been five years since the rebellion of Zone S1 ended with a massacre. And unbeknownst to the Elites that controlled this world, the real war was about to begin...

Not yet completed:

Elite: Martyr's Redeption (Editing)
Elite: Hero's Rememberance

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